*Team Captains — Use this page as a checklist from now until the Sandcastle Classic to help you stay on top of your action items.


Check_Box_Noun_project_10759.svg = Checklist items         flag = Sandcastle Team Event

MAY 7: Online team registration opens

Check_Box_Noun_project_10759.svg   Click here to register a team

MAY – JUNE: Find a company to partner with

Check_Box_Noun_project_10759.svg We recommend teams try to nail down their school partner by June 1st before school lets out for the summer. If you need help finding a school partner, email for assistance.

flag JUNE 7: Sandcastle Kick-Off Mixer

WHERE: SmithGroupJJR
301 Battery Street, 7th Floor San Francisco, CA 94111

JUNE – OCTOBER: Solicit team donations

Check_Box_Noun_project_10759.svg  Click here for fundraising tips!


JULY 12: Fundraising 101 + Guidelines to the Classroom
WHERE: Interface Engineering
135 Main Street, Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94105

This informative combination workshop for teams we’ll provide you with tips, tricks, and all the tools you need to fundraise with ease and create a successful collaboration with your partner school’s students.

AUGUST 20: San Francisco schools are back in session!

Check_Box_Noun_project_10759.svg   Reach out to local schools about joining your team. Email for help finding a school.

Check_Box_Noun_project_10759.svg   For more info about school visits and working with your school partner, visit this page.

Check_Box_Noun_project_10759.svg   Start designing your Team T-shirt for the beach! Don’t forget to include your Partner Company logos, your Partner School logo, and the Leap logos.


Check_Box_Noun_project_10759.svg SEPTEMBER 1: Team Registration Deadline

Register your team here!

Check_Box_Noun_project_10759.svg   Send any custom content for your team’s fundraising website to including company partner and school partner contact info.

Check_Box_Noun_project_10759.svg   Gather your T-shirt order numbers and send your T-shirts to print. Don’t forget to print a few extras for Leap and give to your big donors as a thank you.

Check_Box_Noun_project_10759.svg Design and create your team site sign. Waiting to fully complete your site sign it until closer to the Classic means you’ll be able to include any last minute team donors on your sign.

SEPTEMBER 30: Partner School Deadline

Check_Box_Noun_project_10759.svg   Finalize your partner school and email the name of the school to Leap at if you haven’t done so already.

flagOCTOBER 13: Sandcastle Building 101
WHERE: Ocean Beach at Sloat Blvd

Get the skills to win Best in Show at Leap’s 36th Annual Sandcastle Classic! Not a part of a Sandcastle team this year? This workshop is all-ages, family friend, and open to the public. All are welcome!

flagOCTOBER 18: Sandcastle Classic Pre-Party
88 Kearny St #900,
San Francisco, CA 94108

Check_Box_Noun_project_10759.svg  Double check the official Tool List to make sure you are fully prepared for the beach build.

Check_Box_Noun_project_10759.svg  Finalize your team’s plans around lunch. Teams are responsible for providing lunch for their team members, including students from their partner school. Be sure to set up a pizza delivery to the beach, or coordinate a team member to pick up and bring lunches for everyone with them to the beach

Check_Box_Noun_project_10759.svg  Review final Day Of Logistics list and make sure your team has considered all final details for the big day.

flagscc_logo_crest_FNLNOVEMBER 3: Leap’s 36th Annual Sandcastle Classic Main Event!
TIME: 11AM – 3:30PM
WHERE: Ocean Beach at Great Highway and Balboa Street
The big day is here!

Check_Box_Noun_project_10759.svg   Click here to see the detailed schedule for the day!





NOVEMBER 14: Castles and Cocktails: Sandcastle Post-Party
WHERE: Exygy
2601 Mission Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94114