Why participate:

  • Networking opportunities with other companies in the AEC, Design, and Technology industries. Companies coordinate with other Bay Area firms to deliver the final product as well as attend Sandcastle pre- and post-events where you can mingle and meet other industry members. 
  • Company promotion: Your company link will be up on our Sandcastle website when you register as a team and your company logos can be added to your team T-shirts and site signs. Promoting your team’s participation and fundraising efforts for the competition is a great way to simultaneously promote your company. Companies can also publicize their involvement in giving back to their community and their support of arts education. Competition winners get special recognition in Leap’s’ email blasts and social media posts. 
  • Resume building skills. The strategic planning and day of event coordination needed with multiple companies and partner schools is a great opportunity for those seeking to enhance their resumes with project management skills. Leap has changed the “Team Captain” role to “Team Project Manager” to stress the importance of the professional skills needed to coordinate on this project and make it a desirable way to gain accomplishments to add onto your resume. 
  • Teach in the classroom. This is a wonderful opportunity to give back to your community by planning classroom sessions that allow members to teach architecture, engineering and design concepts to an elementary school age audience. 
  • Support arts education. 100% of the funds raised through Leap’s Sandcastle Classic go toward providing arts education to students in the Bay Area. 
  • Play in the sand! Let’s be honest, building sandcastles is just plain fun! With all the stress in our world today, sometimes we just need the opportunity to be kids again and use our imaginations while getting our hands dirty. 


COVID-19 exists in any place where people gather. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to serious illness and death. By participating in this event, you assume all risks, hazards and dangers arising from or relating in any way to the risk of contracting COVID-19 or any other communicable diseases or illnesses, whether occurring before, during or after the event, however caused or contracted, and voluntarily waive all claims and potential claims against the City and County of Sacramento, GGNRA, the Event Organizers, and their affiliated companies relating to such risks. You expressly agree to comply with all Federal, State and Local Laws, ordinances, regulations and rules of the Event Organizers when attending the event.

Get involved with the Sandcastle Classic!

Sandcastle Teams

Register here to become a Sandcastle Team! A group typically made up of 3-5 companies partner with students from a local elementary school to form an unstoppable sandcastle team! Teams submit a $500 registration fee, set a fundraising goal of at least $4,250, and fundraise in support of Leap’s arts education programs. 

Company representatives facilitate design thinking sessions with partner school students. Teams have the greatest access of all the participation tiers to networking opportunities, perks, trainings, resources and one of one coaching sessions to ensure they have the tools to meet their fundraising goals and work well with their partner school. 

Teams earn participation points throughout the season, as well as compete for other awards!

Volunteer: help us bring the Sandcastle Classic to life. Use your strengths, skills and talents to help us set up, manage or tear down the event, or take photos/video of sand creations!

Donate: give to Leap today to help us deliver transformative, essential arts programs to Bay Area students all year long.

Build: join us on beach day at Ocean Beach and Balboa to help build at the Community Castle.

Questions? Contact Leap at [email protected] or (415) 512-1899 for more info. We’re here to help!