Identify team members to take on particular roles to ensure your team has a smooth and well-coordinated Sandcastle season. It’s best to assign these roles as soon as your team registers or as early as possible, so everyone’s roles and expectations are clear. Use the suggestions below as a guide to structuring your team:

TEAM CAPTAIN (1-2 people per team)

The Team Captain role is responsible for managing overall team performance and ensures team timeline goals are being met. The Team Captain will track team progress and convey important communication. This will be the go-to person at each company to answer any questions team members might have and will hold the other team roles accountable toward meeting their objectives. We recommend assigning this role early in the season for the greatest success.

ASSISTANT CAPTAIN (1-2 people per partner company)

Assistant Captains coordinate with the Team Captain and their company to ensure team timeline goals are being met. They will convey important communications to their company and engage colleagues to support the Sandcastle Classic.

SENIOR ADVOCATES (1 person per partner company)

Partner companies have the best experience in Sandcastle when participation takes place across the entire firm, and not just among a few isolated individuals. Looping in a senior leader at each partner company is a great way to strengthen the firm’s involvement on the team, and senior leaders aren’t required to have any specific responsibilities beyond advocating for their firm’s participation. Teams are asked to identify their team’s senior advocates in the registration form. Leap will follow up with these contacts with more information on how they can support their team this year. 


Assign one member of your team as your social media guru! With our event becoming ever more share-able, having one team focus on photography, video, and copywriting will help your team reach its fundraising online campaign goals, and will also help you capture moments in classroom workshops, fundraising events and beach day!.We will ask each team to submit digital content at the end of each season, that we will compile into a digital portfolio to share with your supporters!


Identify 1-2 people on your team to head up the fundraising committee. These people will keep track of your team’s overall fundraising goals and strategy. They will oversee a committee of representatives from the partner companies on your team to execute different fundraising initiatives like coordinating fundraising events, soliciting donations, procuring raffle or in-kind donations, etc. Be sure to have senior level members of your partner companies supporting these committee leads; as principals, directors, and senior level advocates will have the muscle to make bigger fundraising asks.

WEB MANAGER (1 person)

This person will be responsible for managing all edits and changes to your team’s fundraising page, including adding custom images and text like a team photo and bio. Please note: Leap must be notified about any changes to your team name, your fundraising goal, or team make-up (i.e. adding or removing company or school partners) before the Web Manager makes any changes.

The Web Manager will work closely with members of the Fundraising Committee to add logos and company names of donors to your team’s fundraising page. Work with the Fundraising Committee to determine your process for collecting these logos and to ensure all donors are listed, and utilize the giving levels included at the bottom of your team’s fundraising page to determine logo placement. We suggest adding the Web Manager’s email to the bottom of your donation solicitations (get a template here) with instructions for donors detailing how to send in their logos and specs. 

  • Team member role: (1 person)

Identify one person on your team who will be responsible for communicating plans and logistics with your partner school. This person will help answer any questions from the partner school or parents, work with the school liaison to coordinate the virtual classroom visits.

  • Partner School Role: (2 representatives from your partner school)

Work with your partner school to identify 2 people at the school for this role. These two school representatives are generally a classroom teacher and the school’s principal, but could also consist of a parent, PTA representative or another school administrator. These two school representatives will communicate key information to the students and parents of students participating on your team. They will also help coordinate virtual classroom visits, and help distribute and collect permission forms on behalf of your team.


This person will be responsible for coordinating logistics around your team’s graphic elements, used for publicizing your fundraising events. This person may do the graphic design themselves, or work with the design or marketing department at their office to complete the designs. At the start of the season, this person will work with the other team leads to decide on their team’s branding elements and create an ideal timeline for when graphic materials needs to be produced, to ensure deadlines are spaced out in a manageable way.