At the start of every Sandcastle season, we look back on feedback from the previous year to see where we can improve. Below is a list of the the tweaks and updates we’re making this year to improve your experience on a Sandcastle team. 
New Recommended Team Role: 


Select one person on your team to be responsible for managing all edits and changes to your team’s fundraising page, including adding custom images and text like a team photo and bio. Please note: Leap must be notified about any changes to your team name, your fundraising goal, or team make-up (i.e. adding or removing company or school partners) before the Web Manager makes any changes.

The Web Manager will work closely with members of the Fundraising Committee to add logos and company names of donors to your team’s fundraising page. Work with the Fundraising Committee to determine your process for collecting these logos and to ensure all donors are listed, and utilize the giving levels included at the bottom of your team’s fundraising page to determine logo placement. We suggest adding your team email to the bottom of your donation solicitations (get a template here) with instructions for donors detailing how to send in their logos and specs. Your team email will be set up for you by Leap once your team has registered.

Learn more about all recommended team roles and responsibilities. 

Other Changes to Team Roles: Team Captains

This year, we suggest identifying 1-2 people at EACH partner company on your team, rather than have a single team captain manage your team as a whole. This will make managing each partner company on your team much more straightforward, and ensure and manageable amount of responsibility for each team captain. Learn more about the team captain role and all other recommended roles and responsibilities. 

Logistics and Fundraising Tool

We got great feedback from teams after piloting the Logistics and Fundraising Tool during the 2018 Sandcastle season, so we’re going to continue to make it available for teams this year. Upon registering, each team will be emailed a custom google sheet designed to help map out their team roles and responsibilities, fundraising strategy, and keep track of upcoming key dates and deadlines. Keep an eye out for this helpful tool!

Team Captain 101 Webinar

We piloted this new webinar in 2018 as a way for new captains to receive additional training and support from Leap staff and Sandcastle Committee. We’ll be offering this webinar at least once again this summer and the date will be posted on the Key Dates page and publicized through the weekly Sandcastle e-blasts. If you or other team members don’t receive these weekly communications from Leap, email sandcastle@leaparts.org and let us know you’d like to be added to our list.

Dedicated Peer Coaches from the Leap Sandcastle Committee

Each team will be paired up with one representative from the Leap Sandcastle Committee who you can lean on for support throughout the Sandcastle season. Committee members have years of experience heading up their own teams, and can help provide essential insights and recommendations for your team. Of course, the Leap staff are here anytime you need support, but now you’ll have another pair of eyes and ears to bounce ideas off of. Upon registering, the team captains will receive an e-intro with your Peer Coach.

Sandcastle Permission From Now Available In Spanish

Thanks to a helpful team member, we’re able to share a Spanish version of the Sandcastle Permission Form. Download this form and other key resources.