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On the day of Leap’s Sandcastle Classic, there will be over 4,000 people on the beach! Team site signs help:

  • People to find and recognize your team members and site quickly
  • Emphasize your castle theme and team name
  • Build team and company pride!
  • Acknowledge top donors to your team

There will be an award for the best site sign. Be creative!

Items to include on your site sign:

The time it takes to complete your site sign will depend on if you’re making it by hand, or having it printed. We suggest assigning a few people on your team to work on the project together. Start designing your sign during the first few weeks of September, but wait to completely finish it until closer to the Sandcastle Classic. This way, you’ll be able to include the logos and/or company names of all your team donors including those who give last minute.

*All signs must be removed from the beach by the end of build time.