Each team is expected to provide t-shirts for all team members, including students, so we can identify you easily on the beach. Like the site sign, your team t-shirt is a great opportunity to get creative by connecting the design with this year’s theme, highlighting your team sponsors, as well as your school and corporate partners. Learn more about designing and printing your team’s t-shirt, and download Leap logos. There will be an award for best team t-shirt!


Teams are responsible for creating a sign to identify their team’s site on the beach. There will be an award for the best site sign, so be creative! Learn more how to make your site sign, what to include, and download Leap logos.

All signs MUST be removed from the beach at cleanup time and NOT left in the onsite garbage bins


Each team is responsible for providing lunch for your team, staff and students. You may take a lunch break whenever you choose.


Please turn in all permission slips from parents or guardians at the Registration Tent the morning of the event. Permission slips are available online.


Once you arrive onsite, please have your Team Captain check in at the main Registration Tent to gather your info packet and turn in your student permission slips.


Due to the large number of students and team members who attend the event, we exceed the available parking spaces in the lot at the foot of Balboa Avenue. The cars and trucks coming to the beach with the teams often fill up the parking lot so that there isn’t space for teachers and student families. Therefore, teams must limit the number of vehicles being driven to the beach!

You may drop off your materials near the stairwell where you access the beach. Then YOU MUST MOVE YOUR VEHICLE so others have access to the stairwell. Stairwells will be assigned in an email to team leads closer to the event and will also be labeled onsite.

Team Parking and Carpooling

  • We’ll provide parking spaces in the lot for team members who carpool on a first-come, first-served basis. Cars driven solo by team members may be asked to park elsewhere once the lot is full.

Student Drop-off: Encourage Busing and Carpooling!

  • Please encourage your school to bring the students to the beach via bus. If that isn’t possible, then encourage parents or guardians who are dropping off students to carpool.
  • There will be a lane in the parking lot for parents and guardians who are dropping off their students. Students may be dropped off within this lane. However, once the lot is full, the driver must then leave the parking lot to find parking elsewhere.


The Community Castle is an area where families of team members, volunteers and members of the public are invited to build their own sand structure. Participants in this activity are encouraged to make a donation to support Leap’s art programs in Bay Area schools. It’s an engaging, family-friendly activity in which people of all ages have an opportunity to jump in and join the fun!